Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The track listing

1.Summer’s Garden- Larry Otis
2.Blackberry- Still Water
3.Bugger All- Tha Govna
4.Top Notch- Piasco Picasso w/ Rob Franchise
5.The Forecast- G-po
6.Lion of Judas- Duval Spit w/ Larry Otis
8.Spy da Man- Tough Junkie
9.Made to Love- Larry Otis w/ G-po
10.Not Again- Still Water
11.Cubicle Fever- Tha Govna
12.Sit Down- Larry Otis w/ Tha Govna
13.Snap Cakes(Dancing)- Still Water
14.Lids for Everything- Tough Junkie


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c.blak said...

Just blasted the blog write up on Current TV's website (in the music section). Follow the link below.