Thursday, January 28, 2010

So we will make this place better.

Good day, folks.

The team and I have decided that the site has to carry more info and carry it more often. We were thinking that this could be a hub for you to get something from at least once a week.

I figure a little bit of news, and some music for the week should be grand. So we are going to build a set schedule for us to follow and stick closely to it and you will be happy with what we are doing.

WJAX 90.4
A non-fictional radio station that will have a few shows and mixes for us working types that have been overlooked and under-used.

Movies, music, shows, concerts, and venues. We will make sure you know where you are going and if it is worth the trip.

We are still building. So if you have any suggestions, feel free to comment here or contact us about how to improve the site.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The track listing

1.Summer’s Garden- Larry Otis
2.Blackberry- Still Water
3.Bugger All- Tha Govna
4.Top Notch- Piasco Picasso w/ Rob Franchise
5.The Forecast- G-po
6.Lion of Judas- Duval Spit w/ Larry Otis
8.Spy da Man- Tough Junkie
9.Made to Love- Larry Otis w/ G-po
10.Not Again- Still Water
11.Cubicle Fever- Tha Govna
12.Sit Down- Larry Otis w/ Tha Govna
13.Snap Cakes(Dancing)- Still Water
14.Lids for Everything- Tough Junkie


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Compilation

The First effort of the team, outside of the show.

Damage Control: The FFJBmusic Team

This will be donations only. Give whatever ya think the album is worth to you.

The download will show up this week.
Send it to friends and strangers.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Show

It was amazing. We even had a whooping contest.

Everyone who graced the stage exposed such a lite that ya had never seen. It was one of the greatest visions I had ever been apart of.

And yet, we are still working to make it better.

The Album is available now. DAMAGE CONTROL.
We will have it online for a donation. Whatever it is worth to you is how much ya put into the pot. But we also have the physical copies for $7 (sometimes $5).

Thank you all for coming out and I hope you all enjoyed what we provided.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Friday Jan 8th

Print this out and buy things for cheap.

FFJBmusic Team Grand Reception
Jan 8th 2010 Club TSI
333 East Bay Street
Jax Fl 32299

Yes, this will be the jump off.(for lack of better words)
Bring ya friends out, bring yaself out, and bring an apatite with them dancing shoes.
Beginning of the nite, starts with a meet and greet with the original members of the FFJBmusic Team. There will be snacks and photo opps for anyone there to hang out.
After that, the concert portion will introduce the musicians and engineers of the team to ya. A show with the joint efforts of:
Host Duval Spit
DJs Nick Fresh and SpaceMikeSpace
Musicians StillWater, Larry Otis, Tough Junkie
(with some extras sprinkled across the stage)
Sound Engineers Dxtro and G-po
Camera Specialist Derrick(and team)
With the display of talent, the only way to end this type of event properly is for a dance off. We are collecting some prizes now for the best group of dancers now. Tough Junkie says that he may have a whooping contest.
Here is a free sample of what to expect:
FFJBmusic Mix-

-Tough Junkie
Music Director, FFJBmusic