Monday, November 16, 2009

Tough Junkie Update and Repairs

New things ahead.

As a reminder to those who know, I don't have a vehicle at the moment. So I am catching rides and hitchhiking for a bit. Folks don't feel bad. I have decided that me next set of wheels will be a van(passenger van). This will be a big step for my colleagues and I. We will actually be able to tour without such an expense.

I am open for work. Beats, production, song writing, album direction, consultation, lawn mower repair, raking yards, oil changes, mopping floors, help ya move sofas, hammering nails, ect...
If there is anything that I can do to earn this car money, let me know. I need wheels, my people.

While on that note, I have a few new projects coming out soon (maybe for the Cirtical beatdown)

Mentals: Short Sleeve (comes with cookie)
FFJBmusic mix cds
and other things (like a get junkie a car benefit maybe)


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